Our range of slicers.

ABM 350 C

ABM 350 G

ABM 9300 G

Avery Berkel SSV370BA Bacon Model

Deko 800S Model

Nock Cortex CB 435 4E

Nock Cortex CB 495 5K

Nock Cortex CB 495 7K

Scharfen ATM3S

Scharfen E2000

Scharfen ES300

Scharfen G330A

Scharfen G330F

Scharfen General Model with convayor belt

Scharfen V330

Scharfen VA2000 Fully Automatic Food Slicer

Scharfen VA4000AT Automatic Slicer with convayor belt

Medoc Meat Slicer MA350 Automatic

Medoc Meat Slicer MG300

Medoc Meat Slicer MG350

Sirman Bacon Slicer Anniversario 300 BS2

Sirman Bacon Slicer Leonardo 350 BS2

Sirman Meat Slicer Canova 250

Sirman Meat Slicer Canova 300

Sirman Meat Slicer Galileo 350

Sirman Meat Slicer Leonardo 350 VCS

Sirman Meat Slicer Palladio 300

Sirman Meat Slicer Palladio 350


Dedicated to providing high quality breakdown, repair, recovery and sales of food equipment and machinery to the food industry since 1990.

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  • Selling, service and repair of vacuum packers.
  • Selling, service and repair of most butchery and veg prep machines.
  • Industry leading attention to service and detail.
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